Have you ever had the dream of living in France and owning your own pied-a-terre? Or maybe you have a foot on both shores and the  romantic thought of living  part-time in France  appeals to you.                     

Owning a place by yourself is idealistic but not very practical if you don’t live there full-time. There are property taxes, maintenance costs , repairs and other costs that add up.

A few years ago we purchased a ruin, we spent nearly a year completely restoring it from top to bottom, inside and out. You may think that you could buy a house and do the same but trust me, after you see our photos and video, you will be glad not to have done the work, it is very labour intensive and everything is heavy. My husband Léonard is a Canadian metal working artisan and is now a restoration expert in France.

We have purchased a few homes, renovated them ( some are in the process)and have formed a company that property shares them to like-minded people.